KLAMATH FALLS Screenplay by Mark Eaton & Michael Eaton.

A multi-generational drama set in the late 1940’s in Oregon and in 1990’s San Francisco about a family secret, uncovered by a middle aged novelist and his troubled teenaged daughter at a funeral for the woman he thought was his mother. They set out on a journey from Klamath Falls to Portland, Oregon to find the truth about his birth mother, a half Native American teenager who died shortly after his birth in a tragic accident, as well as his birth father who might still be alive.

BUZZ CUTS Screenplay by Mark Eaton & Michael Eaton.

A drama set in present day Walla Walla, Washington about twin brothers, still haunted by the drowning death of their sister ten years earlier, who go their separate ways after high school while their parents struggle to keep their marriage, their farm and their family together.

ALL THE PRETTY HORSES Adapted Screenplay by Michael Eaton.

Written as a personal project from the novel by Cormac McCarthy.

FALL/BACK Screenplay by Michael Eaton.

Produced as the feature film that ended up as a short film called Whitefish, about a young man who goes from Seattle to Whitefish, Montana to find his birth parents.

Others in progress.

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